Zucchini Muffins – Loaded with Fresh Zucchini!

These zucchini muffins come out moist and flavorful every time!

We love this recipe because it’s easy and of course the zucchini makes them extra moist.

close up of two Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins


We love these zucchini muffins just the way they are— but switching out ingredients makes these muffins super versatile!

DRY INGREDIENTS This recipe calls for all purpose flour and other ingredients typical in muffin recipes. Half of the all purpose flour can be substituted for whole wheat flour if desired.

VEGGIES Similar to a quick bread, zucchini muffins can be switched up with shredded carrots instead of zucchini. Or use shredded pumpkin and add some cinnamon!

OTHER ADDITIONS Why not add some frozen blueberries? Zucchini muffins are a great low-sugar way to get healthy nutrition into hungry bellies. We are convinced this is one of our best recipes ever!

process of adding ingredients to bowl to make Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins

How to Make Zucchini Muffins

It’s not hard to whip up a batch of homemade zucchini muffins!

  1. Prepare muffin tins. Whisk all the dry ingredients together (per recipe below).
  2. Combine egg, oil, and vanilla, and zucchini. Fold the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Don’t over mix.
  3. Pour into prepared muffin liners or tins. Bake until a pick inserted into the center comes out clean.

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins in the muffin tin

How Long to Bake Muffins

  • For mini-muffins: Bake @ 350°F for 14 to 16 minutes.
  • For regular-sized muffins: Bake @ 350°F for 22 to 24 minutes.
  • For Texas-sized muffins: Bake @ 350°F for 24 to 27 minutes.

Baking with Zucchini

Baking with zucchini can be simple— we recommend squeezing out the excess moisture from grated zucchini by pressing it down in the colander or pressing it between layers of clean paper towels.

Storing Zucchini Muffins

  • Zucchini muffins are best when they are kept at room temperature and in a closed container or a zippered bag. Keep a slice of bread with them so it absorbs excess moisture.
  • Zucchini muffins freeze perfectly, so wrap them individually in plastic wrap, then place them in a zippered bag. Write the date on the outside of the bag and they will last about 8 weeks in the freezer!

More Muffins

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Zucchini Muffins with a bite taken out of one

Zucchini Muffins

These Zucchini Muffins are moist, decadent, and make the perfect snack or breakfast treat!
Course Breakfast, Muffins, Snack
Cuisine American
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Servings 12
Calories 187
Author Holly Nilsson


  • 1 cup flour
  • ½ cup sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¾ teaspoon baking soda
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 1 large egg
  • cup oil
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup zucchini grated
  • 3 tablespoons milk
  • ½ cup walnuts chopped
  • ¼ cup mini chocolate chips optional


  • Preheat oven to 350˚F. Line muffin wells with liners.
  • Whisk dry ingredients medium bowl. Set aside.
  • In a separate bowl, combine egg, oil, vanilla. Fold in zucchini.
  • Fold the wet mixture into the dry mixture just until combined. Fold in walnuts (and chocolate chips if using.)
  • Divide over muffin tins and bake 22-24 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.


Zucchini muffins can be kept at room temperature in a closed container or a zippered bag. Keep a slice of bread with them to absorb excess moisture.


Calories: 187 | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 3g | Fat: 11g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 16mg | Sodium: 177mg | Potassium: 71mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 11g | Vitamin A: 59IU | Vitamin C: 2mg | Calcium: 21mg | Iron: 1mg

Zucchini Favorites

close up of Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins with a bite taken out
stacked Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins with a title
pile of Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins
Zucchini Chocolate Chip Muffins with a title

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