Bead Trends: Styles, Colours and Shapes

The sun is out, the pubs are open and it is time to welcome the great British Summer and all that goes with it. And what does Summer equal in jewellery terms? That’s right, you’ve guessed it, BEADS! Fun, frivolous and in every conceivable shape, colour and style; they are just what we need right now and we have oodles of them available at the touch of a button. Read on to see what styles are currently trending here at Cooksongold.

Semi-Precious Beads

Rose Quartz Semi Precious Round Beads 6mm, 16″/40cm Strand (67SPQR02)

The delicate pink of Rose Quartz never fails to please and is proving extremely popular with customers at the moment. Our Rose Quartz beads are light, fresh and perfect for casual summer necklaces and bracelets. Layer them up to create an effortless Boho Chic look and try mixing them with other materials such as wood, metal and leather to keep things interesting. Available in 16” strands of 6mm – 10mm round beads, as well as nuggets and ovals.

Seed Beads

Miyuki 11/0 Round Seed Beads Duracoat Galvanized Silver 24g Tube, Miyuki Code 4201 (67SBR502)

 With so many to choose from, pinpointing the most popular seed beads is not without some difficulty. However, these Duracoat Galvanised Silver Seed Beads, produced by the mighty Miyuki, are currently outstripping the competition by some distance. The silver lining gives these tiny beads that extra element that is earning them some fantastic reviews with customers. Available in both silver and gold options, they are perfect for adding a little sophistication to designs.

Glass Beads

Crackle Clear Glass Beads 6mm, 16″/40cm Strand (61GLCR04)

Glass beads add light and iridescence like nothing else and neutral colours go with absolutely everything, so it’s no surprise that our clear glass crackle beads are topping the leader board right now. With an internal crackle, similar to ice, the shadows and shapes give these beads a unique visual quality which draws the eye. Team with pops of bright colour for contrast or layer with silver metallics, greys and blacks for a monochrome effect. Available in 6mm and 8mm.

Wooden Beads

Tiger Ebony Round Wood Beads 10mm 16″/40cm Strand (67WDTE01) 

Big round wooden beads scream beach and Bermuda shorts like nothing else, I can almost taste the surf! A stalwart amongst surfers, the natural tones of our Tiger Ebony beads lend themselves beautifully to unisex designs. A 16” strand contains around 42 x 10mm beads which can be mixed with different tones of wood or interspersed with metallic spacers for interest.

Speciality Beads

Ceramic Owls, 16x14mm, Hand Painted, Pack of 10 (67SYCE02)

If you are looking for something a little different, our range of animal beads is proving to be a hit with customers at the moment. Our ceramic owls have a quirky charm about them, each individually painted so no two are quite the same. Use as feature beads or mix with other animal beads to create a full-on menagerie!

Acrylic Beads

Mixed Colours Miracle Beads Round 6mm Plastic Pack of 200 (67AC0150)

Interestingly, pink is proving a popular colour choice across many of our bead ranges right now and with 40% off, these opaque pink beauties are flying off the shelves. Looking exactly like strawberry bonbons, these acrylic beads measure a fabulous 14mm in diameter making them excellent for eye catching statement pieces. Team with similarly toned pastels to complete the ‘sweetie’ theme.

Metal Beads

Sterling Silver Beads Plain Round 4mm Pack of 20 2 Hole Bead (NVQ D04X)

When it comes to metal beads, nothing beats the classic, plain and round, 2-hole standard. If you already use them, you will be only too well aware of their versatility and if you don’t… well what are you waiting for? We stock sizes from 2.5mm – 16mm giving you a wide range of options with 4mm being one of our absolute bestsellers. Once tried, you will not want to be without them.

To view the full range and to take advantage of some of our amazing offers during Bead Month, go to

Written by Joanna Varney

Joanna has worked in and around the jewellery industry for well over 20 years. She has designed and created her own pieces as a designer maker, as well as working in jewellery retail on a much larger scale, producing designs and NPD for some of the UK’s largest high street retailers

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