Building A Student Jewellery Tool Kit

Cooksongold’s Student Jewellery Tool KitStarting a degree in jewellery design? You’ll need to get set up with all the right equipment. With so many different products available, it can be tricky to decide which ones you’ll get the most use out of.

That’s where we come in. We’ve provided a rundown of everything you need when building a student jewellery kit – from the different kinds of pliers to the tools needed for sawing metal.

What you need to make jewellery as a student


Essential for working with wire, having a selection of different shaped pliers will enable you to create any kind of piece you desire. Whether you need to straighten a wire, create a loop or form a sharp angle, here are the pliers that we recommend you add to your jewellery making tools starter kit.


The next component in your student jewellery tool kit is a set of files. You’ll need some files to ensure your designs are finished to the highest standard and are safe for wearing. For example, smoothing sharp edges on a pair of earrings!

Soldering equipment

One of the most common techniques in jewellery making is soldering. So getting stocked up on some soldering supplies is a great place to start when working through the equipment needed to make jewellery.

Jeweller’s saw

Cutting metal is inevitable in the jewellery making industry, so be sure to get yourself a jeweller’s saw and plenty of saw blades before you get started.

Extra bits of kit

And then there’s all the other little extras you’ll need along the way. Whether it’s a ruler for measuring your designs or something a bit more specific – like a borax dish and bar – all of these tools will make up key components of your beginners’ jewellery making tool kit.

Pick up all your student jewellery tool kit from Cooksongold

Jewellery making tools and equipmentNow you know what to include in your student jewellery tool kit, you’re ready to get started on your jewellery making adventure.

Fill in the gaps in your jewellery inventory with the tools above, or skip the hassle and pick up a complete University Student Jewellery Tool Kit with everything you need in one place. Looking for more information on the different brands?

Check out our visual guide to the Top 10 Jewellery Tools Brands to help you get started.

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