Soldering Tutorial Round Up For Beginners

Simple SolderingIf you’re just getting started with jewellery making, you will have most likely come across soldering. Key for many projects you might want to try, such as stone setting, crafting rings and much more. So to get you up to speed with this particular technique, we’ve assembled all of our top soldering tutorials in one place. Whether you’re looking to learn more about a particular form, or you’re just interested in simple soldering, we’ve got it covered.

Find out everything you need to know about soldering for beginners, below.

1. A Guide To Simple Soldering

Looking at getting stuck into the world of soldering? This is just the place to start. In this guide to simple soldering, you’ll learn about the basic rules of soldering, using the example of how to solder a band ring. Perfect if you’re looking to add to a list of beginners soldering projects for you to try your hand at.

Ideal for: Those looking at getting straight into some soldering action, in a simple and straightforward manner.

Difficulty rating: 1/5

2. Sweat Soldering Guide

Next up is our sweat soldering guide. If you’re looking to create some sleek, elegant designs – this soldering how to is for you. The process of sweat soldering means that there is minimal clean up required and a reduced level of excess material being wasted. Find out more about what sweat soldering entails, and a step by step guide on how to do it for yourself.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to create simple, elegant pieces of jewellery where cleanup is minimal.

Difficulty rating: 2/5

3. Strip Soldering For Beginners

Also known as stick feed soldering, our strip soldering tutorial is great for taking your soldering skills to the next level. Suitable for larger scale and smaller beginners soldering projects, use our tutorial to guide you through the ins and outs of this technique until you are able to master it.

Ideal for: Projects that require a large amount of solder and if you’re short on time.

Difficulty rating: 3/5

4. How To Solder A Silver Ring

If creating rings is your thing, then this is the soldering tutorial for you. Discover how to solder a silver ring, the different tools needed for the job and some top tips along the way. What’s more, you’ll also get to access our visual guide on jewellery soldering tips to ensure you end up with the highest quality creation you can.

Ideal for: People on the hunt for a simple beginners’ soldering tutorial, with an impressive outcome.

Difficulty rating: 3/5

5. Tips For Using Soldering Tweezers

Now we’ve covered some of the most common types of soldering, it’s time to move onto the tools you’ll use to do it. And one of the main soldering tools you need is a pair of tweezers. But these aren’t just your regular tweezers, they’re designed specifically for the use of soldering. Find out all about reverse action tweezers and the best way to use them for your beginners soldering projects in our tips for using soldering tweezers blog.

Ideal for: People who are struggling to get to grips with soldering tools and want to learn some top tips from the experts!

Difficulty rating: n/a

6. Top 5 Jewellery Soldering Tools

So you’ve learnt all about soldering tweezers, but what else will you need? To get set up with your own soldering kit for beginners, read our top 5 jewellery soldering tools blog. It’s best to stock up on all the right equipment and learn how to use them before you start creating, so be sure to learn everything you can about the best soldering tools before you start.

Ideal for: Anyone looking to make their own starter soldering kit for beginners.

Difficulty rating: n/a

And we’re done! Feeling ready to give some of our soldering tutorials a go? Just make sure you have all the jewellery tools and equipment you need to get started. Or if you’re looking to diversify your skillset further, learn more about the art of stone setting in our today.

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