Summer Sale Favourites

Our Summer Sale is jam packed full of bargains! We have offers across our product range with discounts galore, so why not check out some of our favourites before they sell out.


Workbench Toolkit (997 1003) and Durston Agile F130 Flat Rolling Mill (999 HACB)

Our workbench toolkit is great value for money at the best of times so when it goes into the sale it becomes an absolute steal! Containing 21 hand tools including a bench peg and anvil, it is the ideal set to get you started on your jewellery making journey.

Durston rolling mills need no introduction suffice to say, if you have been considering buying one and the F130 Flat fits the bill, do not delay! Precision engineering for a superb quality tool every time.

Left to right: Soldering Block (999 968), Sawblades (972 060S), Flat file (999 458) and Parallel Pliers (999 PR13)

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that our sale is only full of high price points. We also have plenty of best sellers and workshop staples to fill up your baskets. With discounts of between 10% – 20% it is a great time to replace and replenish where needed. Sawblades, files, soldering bocks and pliers; all those things that we use day in and day out, so if yours have seen better days, save yourself a few pennies and buy them now.

Stones and Beads

Left to right: Swarovski stone 1.25mm (6SZA 1AA), Swarovski 8mm Bicone (62SW 213X), Amethyst 4mm (61AM APMF), Beadalon Stackable Containers (999 098P) and Silver 5mm Faceted Bead (NVQ D63)

With so many to choose from, stone and bead choices often come down to a matter of personal preference. However, there are certain colours which are universally popular, those that you will come back to time and time again and Swarovski Crystal AB is one such colour – you could say a classic amongst beads! We have it on offer in an 8mm Bicone style which is a tried and tested favourite with customers the world over. Other popular options included in our sale include Amethyst, both cabochon and faceted, Swarovski Crystal faceted stones and our wonderful little 5mm ‘disco ball’ silver bead which quite honestly, you would be mad not to buy! We have also included a storage option in the mix, in the form of the ever practical Beadalon Stackable containers which are perfect for beads, findings or solder pieces. These are just sooooo practical for keeping the tiniest of things visible and safe but still easily accessible.

Finished Jewellery

Left to right: Flower studs (XSS 2043), Tree of Life Studs (XSS 2053), Heart Studs (XSS 2099) and Dachshund Studs (XSS 2173)

Whether you are filling up the present drawer at home, stocking up your shop or simply looking for a small gift, our finished jewellery range makes a great hunting ground for inexpensive and inoffensive perennial crowd pleasers which will keep everybody smiling. Beautifully modelled and highly polished, our silver studs are some of our best-selling earrings which have earnt some cracking customer reviews over the years. Read them for yourselves and take advantage of the discounts on offer whilst they are still in stock.


Left to right: 18K Halo Setting (NNJ 253), Silver Washers 3 Pack (NVJ 579X), Silver Daisy (NVJ 618), Silver/CZ Connector (NV3 107) and Gold-Filled Beaded Ring (F45E 002M)

Findings are really the unsung heroes of jewellery making and they form the glue that binds designs together to make them functional. It is so important to have a good stock of findings when you start a project, as running out mid-flow can be extremely frustrating. Our mid-season sale has a great selection on offer so you can boost your stocks without emptying your bank account. Highlights include stamping blanks, settings, connectors and stacking rings all with 10% – 15% discount.


Left to right: Sterling Silver PMC 28.5g (855 010), Wooden Ring Box (994 126) and Universal Postal Card Box (994 251)

Finally, I just wanted to mention a few items which are simply too good to miss. Firstly, PMC Sterling Silver. This pack (pictured above) is a substantial 28.5g (25g metal weight) which usually commands an equally substantial price tag. Being such a popular product discounts are few and far between so take advantage while you can. (Please note, PMC 925 Sterling requires a two stage, kiln firing process. It cannot be fired using a torch).

Now onto the boxes. These are both terrific items that you won’t want to run out of. The wooden, Mahogany look ring box is ideal for special gifts, particularly wedding and engagement rings, providing great protection whilst looking subtly stylish. The card box is the ever-useful universal size, so basically your ‘one size fits all’ item which is slim enough to go through a letterbox. Never was there a time more suited for this product! When we are all trying to send and receive items contact free whilst conducting our businesses predominantly online, this is a box you can’t afford to be without.

With so many products on offer, make sure to check out our sale asap to ensure you bag the best bargains before they disappear.

Written by Joanna Varney

Joanna has worked in and around the jewellery industry for well over 20 years. She has designed and created her own pieces as a designer maker, as well as working in jewellery retail on a much larger scale, producing designs and NPD for some of the UK’s largest high street retailers

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